CFAH0802A initialization Help


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I am using your CFAH0802A LCD screen. And I'm having a problem with checking the Busy Flag. First there's two things you should know.

1. I'm using a PIC to program the screen.
2. For some reason when I wire it up and put power to the screen only the first 8 charactor blocks seem to be made darker. (I'm just not sure if thats normal before initialization).

Anyway, my problem is the buisy flag goes high and never falls. I'm tring to follow the process in the DATA sheets as close as possible however it seems to be doing nothing.

I attatched my PIC-C code. It's rather easy to follow and it's well commented. If you just look at the LCD_init(); and the
BF_check(); functions you might see the problem... however I don't.

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What the dilly

I don't see any replys's Where's all the CF tech's and the guys that do this for a living? :eek:


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code PIC16

Tech Support,

Can you e-mail me the code too? Do you have a sample code for PIC16 by any chance and some schematics? I am using CFAH0802A-YYB-JP.