CFAH* have hd44780 controller?


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Hi I am trying to use the CFAH2004L-YYB-JP (20x4) LCD with Linux's LCDproc found at I am using the winamp wiring scheme but have had no luck. With this one or with any. I have it connected to my parallel port and drawing power from the 5V line off the Molex inside. All i get is a lit LCD with the 1st and 3rd bars dark (ie pixels are turned on).. Everything else is blank. Backlight is working fine. What does this mean. When I bought this LCD I was told it had a HD44780 inside. Is there any way to do a diagnostic to make sure its still "ticking". Has anyone else tried using this display as a HD44780 wired straight to the parallel port with any success? any ideas as too a working wiring scheme. I can change software easily, but as for hardware i can solder.. thats about it. (btw.. i checked the connections currently, all seem to be ok).
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I do believe that when u power on and the first and third r on that means it's working, that's just the "boot up" screne. Have u actually tried using the software? Tha'ts just my two cents

CF Mark

Shnyza is correct.
The bars mean you LCDs power supply and contrast are set up correctly.
If yoiur software then doesnt work, it would be because you have wired up some of the data wires wrong.