CFAH 20x2+ WIRZ backpack = frustration


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Hey guys, I've got a tough one for ya:

I got a 20x2 CFAH 2002A YYB and I hooked it up to the parallel port, and get nothing. I checked all the connections, and they're okay. (See my other thread I thought it might just be me. So I shell out $20 plus $7 to ship a Wirz backpack to my house. I wired it up last night, and the only thing I get is the first line of black bars.

I can't test it with the Crystalfontz Wintest program because that only supports the 16x2 and 20x4 displays. LCD center gives me nothing on ports Com 1 and Com 2.

Any solutions? I think it's dead. If so, can I have a RMA # please?

Thanks in advance, Greg Z.
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That row of black boxes is the HD44870 power up screen. It needs to be initizalized. You wired something up wrong, it's not the LCD or Crystalfontz's fault. Check and double check your connections. The Wirz initializes the screen when it is powered up, so if it was wired correctly it would fix your "problem".

-special [k]