CFAG320240CX-TFH-TZ -- Vertical Lines


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Here is an interesting question.

I have recently purchased a CFAG320240 to replace one which I blew (connected VO to GND!... oops!) When I recived it I tried using some code which I have written on the PIC18F4525, it does not work! Ive done extensive troubleshooting (noticed that the J80 was set instead of J68 which it was on the previous module and more...). I have extensive knowledge with electronics but have never used a graphical LCD before.

I noticed that whenever the LCD had power applied to it vertical lines apeared on the screen (without any information sent from the microcontoller) I have assumed that this is because the memory locations are filled with garbage when the LCD has power first applied to it. Can you tell me wether this is normal (I cant remeber it happinging on the previous module) and if not is it something fixable or should I junk this module too?

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CF Tech

I think it is possible and perhaps common to have vertical lines on an uninitialized display.