CFAG320240CX screen size


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Hi all,

I have a conceptual question concerning potential screen configurations. This is my first graphical LCD, and even after studying the spec sheet and playing around with the screen, I'm a bit confused. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether what I want to do is even possible?

What I would like:
- 3 layers (1 text, 2 graphic)
- 2 bpp mode
I'm trying to develop a display that incorporates a full-length vertical line overlaying graphics (a cursor of sorts). I was planning to use one of the graphic layers to show the cursor, and the other to display the graphical data, to get around having to prevent the data from being overwritten by my line cursor.

I have been trying to initialize a screen size of 320x240 for layer 1 (text), and 300x200 for layer 2 (graphics), with screen 2 starting in the top left corner of the display. Is this possible? And if so, has anyone had experience with something similar? I'm still very confused as to what each register does, and how they interact with each other.

Thanks for the help,
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The best way to handle more complex graphics is to have a buffer in memory that you render all your graphic layers and text and lines into, then you combine those layers and send them out the screen maybe 10 times a second.

The memory will add up pretty quickly though. You would probably need a pretty fast microcontroller with an external RAM chip.

The latest demo code we have initializes the 2bpp and text, but I do not know if it is possible to get two layers of 2bpp going at once.