CFAG320240CX-FMI-T Display Lines


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I have interfaced a CFAG320240CX-FMI-T LCD to an HC9S12DP256 microcontroller and am able to write text and graphics, but have some other issues with vertical and horizontal lines appearing in the display at certain times. Here's an outline of what I'm experiencing:

1. Vertical Lines on Initial Startup:
The first time the LCD becomes active (after reset and initialization) many vertical lines appear in the display. These lines fade away over time and do not return until the unit is powered down and re-initialized. I can reset the microcontroller and re-initialize the LCD without removing power from the LCD and the lines do not re-appear. I have attached a picture of these lines here ( First_State_small.JPG ).

2. Horizontal Line on Microcontroller Reset
When the microcontroller is reset via the reset switch, I am experiencing a very defined white horizontal line appear at a random position on the screen. This line slowly fades away once the LCD is initialized again, but takes a fairly long time to do so. Again, some pictures are attached here ( Reset_Line_small.JPG , Reset_Line2_small.JPG ). The first picture is right after a reset and the second is during re-initialization a few seconds later.

If anyone has any input on what might be wrong here, please let me know... any help would be greatly appreciated!

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CFAG320240CX problem


I am seeing an issue with a CFAG320240CX-TFH, similar to the second problem described here:

Where a horizontal line is occasionally displayed on the LCD during initialisation, which slowly fades after about a minute. The rest of the LCD functions as normal.

Has anyone seen this happen before, or know what in the S1D13700 would cause this to happen?


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Is there a reset line that can be held until after the power is completely stable?

Does everything sort itself out after initialization, or do the lines persist?


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The line fades away about a minute after initialisation. I can try changing the initialisation procedure, but at the moment I am more curious as to what could make it happen, as it is an error we are only seeing in the field, and I cannot reproduce in a development environment.

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The line is typically present when the Epson controller powers up prior to initialization. What you can do in your power up is the following:

Set your control lines from your micro-controller to the module to inactive
Toggle the RESET line on the LCD

Then continue with your power up sequence to include initializing the Epson controller. Setting the control lines to inactive and toggling the RESET allows you to complete other power up steps that you may need to do before talking to the module. We have had good results performing those steps.