CFAG320240C-FMI-T Help


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I've been attempting to connect the CFAG320240 display to an Ajile aj-100 microcontroller. According to the Ajile documentation the pinouts are similar to the 8080 microcontroller, so I've been using that setup. And at this point all I get are solid white lines across the screen which are very bright after the initial write and then fade away slowly. Any thoughts?
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CF Support

If you're trying to talk to the display using the 8080 interface, you'll wanna switch the jumper on the back from J68 to J80. Should just be a 0 ohm resistor.

Swap that out, and then you'll be speaking in the same tongue, though I can't give any guarantees after that.


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Okay I discovered that the address line on my micro is active high not active low so I've put an inverter in line to provide an active low signal to the sed1335.

And at this point all I can get the LCD to do is flicker during a MWRITE. I'm assuming that my timing between the micro and lcd is correct because the panel doesn't flicker during any other command sequences. So I guess I'm looking for suggestion on troubleshoot this problem. Here are the register setting I'm using.

M0 = 0, M1 = 0, M2 = 0, IV = 0, WS = 0, WF = 1, FX = 8, FY = 8, CR = 39, TCR = 43, LF = 240

I'm only working with one screen in text mode.