CFAG320240C-FMI-T burned


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i just bought a CFAG320240C-FMI-T (graphics display) and connected it to my parallel port (it was a prebuild kit). After 5 minutes of usage a smoke came from the back of it and i don't seem to get anything on the screen. There are clear burn marks on the back of the unit.

I supose this is handled by the garanty ?
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During those 5 minutes, did it work correctly? Were you able to actually see data on the LCD? Finally, are you absolutely sure you fed the LCD with 5 Volts and not 12?
On the warranty subject I guess the guys over CrystalFontz will let you know, but to me, your chances are slim.

Good luck!

CF Support

We do not recommend the parallel modules (such as the one you are interested in) for end-user PC applications. These modules require more extensive wiring knowledge and the proper tools. These modules are primarily intended for OEM (manufacturer) use, and as such, we do not carry any cables, brackets, or serial adapters for these modules.

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAG* series LCDs in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAG* LCDs damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

If you would have purchased the display from us, you would have had to go through this page:

You may want to pursue this issue with the company that you bought the display kit from.