CFAG240128L-TMI-TZTS Stopped Working


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We are using the CFAG240128L-TMI-TZTS along with a AT90USB1287 microcontroller for a school project. We were able to initalize and send data/commands to the controller and get it working properly to display images and such, but then today after a few weeks of it working just fine the LCD stopped responding to commands and our splash screen we have displayed never got cleared or overwritten like it was supposed in our code it just stayed on the screen. Once we removed power and reset the screen manually the screen just stays blank. What could have caused something liek this to happen? Our code to work with the LCD hasnt changed since it was working last. :mad:
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CF Tech

If the module "stopped responding" it has almost certainly been damaged. Maybe a voltage spike, reversed power supply leads, an ESD event, something must have whacked it.

Most of the connections on the LCD module go straight to the LCD controller chip, so they are fairly susceptible to being damaged by external events.

Please write and we will see if we can find a solution.