CFAG240128L-STI-TZ corrupting...


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Problem: Pixel corruption.

Hardware: CFAG240128L-STI-TZ on a PICmicro : 18F4550 microcontroller unit.

Software: MikroC.

When the graphics pane and text pane are both active the GLCD begins to corrupt when the MCU's clock speed is at 32MHz or higher.

The technician at mikroElectronika was very helpful by testing and confirming the mikroC software works with the T6963C controller at clock speeds of 32MHz and 48MHz using the same MCU and other versions.

Is it possible the unit is defective?

What steps should be taken to find and fix this problem?
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CF Support2

Things to consider:

Are you having the issue with just one display, or all of them?

Since the text and graphics layer are both on, does clearing the graphic layer clear those pixels?

Is the corruption in the same place with the same pixels on all the time? Can the issue be recreated consistently?

Please let us know.


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Being in the discovery/prototyping phase of product development we currently only own one display to test.

Blanking the graphics removes the pixels until text is rewritten. Turning off the graphic layer removes the pixels and no longer corrupts while writing text.

The corruption always occurs on the very top line slightly right of center. Depending on placement of text, corruption may appear elsewhere such as... (bottom circles)

... so yes this issue can be recreated consistently.

CF Tech

Can you step line-by-line to see which line makes the dots appear?

Then step character-by-character so you can pin it down to a single write that makes the dots appear?

Maybe that will give us some insight.