CFAG240128DFMIT replace HD6130


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I am trying to develop a retroft for some instrumentation having bad displays with
an HD6130 controller on one board (with memory) driving a display/w drivers
via serial interface.
I removed the HD6130b and wired the CFAG240128DFMIT to the
vacated pads on the pcb. The schematic shows direct connection to the
6800 controller.
I wired the power inputs to the appropriate voltages that were present.

When I power up I get only the top row of pixels, apparently with a few data points.
Contrast works fine, I think power is all ok.

Am I correct in assuming that the lC7981 is a drop in replacement for the HD6130b
and that the timing and instruction set are compatible?
Any ideas on what signal could be corrupt causing only one line to display?

If I can make this display work it will save tens of thousands of $ on new instruments.

Thanks all.
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CFAG240128DFMIT controller compatiblity plug and play

I found that the solder point for DB0 was floating.
Once I attached it to the correct signal the display worked great.

CF Tech

Great job getting that going.

I was not aware that the LC7981 was compatible with another controller. Nice to know :)