CFAG160160B-YYH-VU#, multiple DOA units: Vee dead


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Over the last year, we have purchased a number of CFAG160160B modules to use in prototypes of a product we are developing. We had two left from the last purchase that had been unopened. I just went to use them, and *both* of them have dead Vee supplies on pin 20. One of the modules has obvious manufacturing damage in that L1 is broken off the board and it appears U8 was physically hit after being soldered to the board (post-reflow machine handling error?). The other is dead for a reason that is not immediately obvious. These two modules have a QC line below the model number that reads "CQC OK 01/29/07-9423".

The question: Do you guys (Crystalfontz), or anybody else on the forums, know if there has been a pattern of this problem occurring with this family of modules? We are close to finishing our design and starting to plan volume production. I want to use this display module in the product as we ramp up manufacturing, but I can not afford to have to individually check each module prior to final assembly just to verify it has a functioning Vee.

Cyrstalfontz (or anybody else who knows): Please let me know if there are yield challenges with this family of modules, or if there have been in the past and they are now resolved. The fact that I pulled two unopened modules out and they both have dead Vee supplies does not give me a good feeling.


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Typically the quality control is very good on the modules.

I do remember seeing at least one other module with a broken inductor some years ago.

To my knowledge there is not any kind of systematic failure or quality problem with the modules.

I will get a ticket going for you so we can replace the two dead modules, and we will do a failure analysis on the one that is not obvious.