CFAG160160B hardware issues


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Myself and my business partner, working independently, have both had problems with your displays. I have managed to get one to work now (thanks to you for the info!), but the one I was working on in the first instance appears to be damaged. My colleague has had two of his displays die and is wary of working on another. The problems seem very similar.

We would like to salvage them, and hence this mail.

My question is: Have you had problems with your display power control circuit. Are there common problems for which there are simple fixes? Below is a description of my problem:

At one point I turned the Vo potentiometer all the way to Vee and this seems to have damaged the negative voltage generator (it still generates Vee=-20V, but as soon as it is loaded by the pot this drops closer to 0V). I noticed the display suddenly drew more current as well (it went up to ~0.25A).

In an effort to fix the problem I hardwired the Vo pin to a PSU and am generating the negative voltage that way. A voltage of -12V gives "something" on the display but it is intermittent and it has a strobing effect at a period of about 2-5 pulses/sec. Sometimes you can just see the correct data strobing across the screen and other times the data seems corrupted as well.

The good display works well with Vo = -12V.(set by a pot.).

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