CFAG160160B font editor and C code

Here is an updated version of my bitmap font editor and C code driver, customized for the CFAG160 display, which has row oriented bytes instead of column oriented like the CFAX series. The font editor, which was originally presented in this thread:
now has an option on the output file to select row or column format.
NOTICE: The program referred to here has been superceeded by a much slicker version. If you have downloaded this version, you should switch to the new version here:
The C code driver is essentially similar to the one presented in that same thread, except for being modified for row-byte operation. The pixel writes are non-destructive (the new data is ORed with the old data). There are point plot and line draw routines, also. You can see a sample of the screen output at the end of this thread:

One thing to mention... this code was developed on the Zilog Z8 encore development board, and contains a few quirks to force the font tables into rom, and to deal with the small ram size (e.g. using the "const" and "rom" keywords).
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Those aren't variables, they are typecasts, which causes the variable or result that follows the typecast to be converted to a WORD (16 bit unsigned int).