CFAG12864B-WGH-V backlight?


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How do you connect up the backlight on a CFAG12864B-WGH-V? I have the A and K pins 19 and 20 respectively. K being ground but what do I give A? 5V straight? do I need a POT if so how would i connect it up?


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CFAX Backlight

I bought the EL driver by crystalfontz, I can't make the backlight in my CFAX LCD to turn on. I connect the I pin to 5 volt, the G pin to ground, and the O pin to the BL_EN to my breakout board (I'm using the break out board sold in, The LCD does not light up by doing this, so I tried connecting a resistor(68kΩ) and a capacitor(2.2nF) in parallel in between the O pin of the CFAIEL and the BL_EN pin, did not work either. Can you give instructions on how to connect the CFAIEL to my CFAX LCD. Thank you.