CFAG12864B-WGH-N burn up


New member
Last year I bought some CFAG12864B-TMI-V's and some CFAG12864B-WGH-N's. I passed one of the el backlight displays on to a friend who soldered it > it smoked up.

Meanwhile I did the job on two TMI-V's who worked perfect. The other two WGH-N were unused until I found them back yesterday and I decided to try one. I checked the two datasheets and as they match I used the scheme that's was used for the TMI-V (exept for the backlight, I had to use an inverter for that offcourse) and that's being used by everybody with good results.

Result: another smoked WGH-N !! The only thing that works is the backlight, the three chips on the back turned brown, as did the tape with the model number on it!

What am I doing wrong here?
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