CFAG12864B Verification


New member
I just received CFAG12864B. What will it be the easiest way to verified that CFAG12864B module is working?

After looking through the Forum here, connecting it to PC parallel port would be fast to verify the module. After connecting the module to parallel port using the schematic that was post in this forum (thread). The back light works. I was able to change the contrast by variable resistor. However, I was not able to display any line using the software provided Crystalfontz. I used CFAX, and I realized that there was no selection choise for CFAG12864B. Is it possible to use CFAX software on CFAG12864B? I spent 6 hours trying to figure out the software.

Now, I got other questions. Do I need inverter? I connect +5V for backlight. I think it's working.
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