CFAG12864B-TMI-V Input Voltage Level


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I have CFAG12864B-TMI-V board, and it's interfaced to 3.3V CPLD. Can CFAG12864B-TMI-V take 3.3V Input voltage?
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According to the data sheet, the supply voltage for this display is 5 volts (actually 4.75 to 5.25). The minimum "1" logic input level is 70% of Vdd, so at minimum Vdd of 4.75v, the minumum logic input for a "1" state is 3.325v (.7 * 4.75), so it could just conceivably work.

CF Tech

You would want to look at the controller data sheets too:KS0107 and KS0108, although they pretty much say +5v for the supply.

One option would be to use a proper level translator like the 54HC574.

For a better 3.3v solution, take a look at the CFAX12864C series. We have that in an easier to use "ZIF" version, though it is not on the site yet (just e-mail for more information).