CFAG12864B LCD Modules Character display


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It is not clear from the datasheet whether we can use this series of display to display 20 characters by 8 lines (In 6x8 standard fonts) without any programming effort.

In case programming is need, the datasheet does not seem to give guidelines on how much of it is required.

We want to use this display with 8051 family of microcontrollers.

- Vijay
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CF Tech


The controller in the CFAG12864B does not have a character generator. So you will need to store the font in your microcontroller and then send the corresponding pixels to the display.

Here are the links to the data sheets: Samsung <a href="/controllers/DS_S6B0107_V00.pdf">KS0107</a>/<a href="/controllers/DS_S6B0108_V00.pdf">KS0108</a>