CFAG12864ATMIVN Power Circuit and Rabbit 4120 Sample Code?


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I was wondering if somebody could give me a schematic, or let me know if my take on the datasheet is correct?
I have a CFAG12864A-TMI-VN.

pin connection
2 Vdd (5V)
3 Vo (7.6V to 10.6V, pot from pin2 to pin18 with center at pin3?)
19 A (3.5V, 3.3V ok?)
20 GND

Also, I have a Rabbit 4120.
Would anybody have a sample program to run the lcd?

Thanks very much,
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Pin 3 (Vo) should be 7.5v to 9.5v BELOW Vdd, which means -2.5v to -4.5v. So the pot should be from pin 18 (Vee) to ground, with the wiper to pin 3.

Do not feed a 'hard' voltage to the backlight, as the forward voltage of the LEDs is not constant. Use a current limiting resistor to drop 1.5v from the +5 supply. For 60mA, that would be 25 ohms, 1/4 watt.

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We recommend connecting the pot between Vdd and Vee. The LCD is referenced from Vdd--connecting the pot to ground would make any noise between Vdd and Gnd (or variations in Vdd) show up on what the controller sees as Vlcd. Probably not an issue in most applications, but there is typically no reason to not do it the recommended way.


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CF Tech, I see from old posts that you have sent code for Rabbit microcontrollers for screens such as the CFAG12864A-TMI-VN.
Would it be possible for you to send me that sample code as well?

It would be greatly appreciated.



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I'll take the Atmel sample code, too, please! My project may be headed in that direction.