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I use an CFAG12864 LCD connected to an Atmega128 in C Language. The Problem that I have is that sometimes the right side of the LCD is shut down and never come back. Only switch off and on bring it back.
The left side is allways working correctly.
I think there is a timing problem. Did someone have the same problem and have a solution?

thanks michael
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You don't mention which exact model you have. Please give that info before any suggestions can be made.

Also, please explain further what you mean by "shut down". Does the right half go blank, or does it remain static and you can't change it?


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The LCD is CFAG12864B

the display is working correct but in a view minutes the right side goes off.
I have many CFAG12864B and its not allways the same situation.

The right side is off, there are no pixels or contrast, it seems that the right controller is off.