CFAG12864 series how to write data to


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I'm trying to put my head around how to write to the CFAG12864 display. I understand the selection of column ranges 1-64 and 65-128. The Column Y-address 0-63, 40-7F hex. The Page x-address B8-BF hex. And display data DB0-7.

What is the Z address? or the Display Start Line address from section '11. Detailed Explanation'

My understanding from the memory/Instruction Data map shown in Fig 1. at the bottom of section 11. is that writing to the display would be as follows,

Select Column CS1 or CS2
Write Y address (40-7F hex)
Write X address (B8-BF hex)
Write Display Data (0-F hex)
Write Display ON (3F hex)

Display data is displayed vertically not horizontally from DB0-DB7 under each Y column address within the defined x page. I'm I out to lunch?

What's Z (Display Start line) ???

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I am having same issue

Can you send the same code? I am having same issue. Addition to that, I have one more issue. I have only 5V rail. The data sheet of CFAG12864BTMIV states that the supply voltage for LCD is about 8.5V, and this pin 3, Vo. I believe that this is the contrast. Would it be acceptable with 5V if the contrast is fine? Then, what would be the min and max for this pin since it's variable.

Thank you.