CFAG128128B-YYH-VZ character overlapping


New member
hi I am using CFAG128128B-YYH-VZ graphics lcd. the problem I am facing is that some columns are overlapping.

like it should display as

I1 : 00000A

but it is displaying as

I1 : 000A 00

the 10 the column is displayed on 15th and next characters are from 11th column.
actually code was written for LCD AG128128AFILY55H but now I have to replace with CFAG128128B-YYH-VZ.
both the lcds seems exactly same. I am not getting the exact problem.
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There is too much code to go looking for "an exact problem".

Why don't you tell what you tried that did not make any improvement.

If you can demonstrate your problem in a short sample, like 50 lines or less, that will make it easier to troubleshoot.