CFAG128128B ~ 22 characters problem


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I have my display set up for 22 characters and I am having a problem with character 14 being spaced over by 4 space and the space area being overwritten. What is causing that space to show up and why is it overwriting that location? When set up for 18 characters it works fine, but I must have 22 characters.
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Had setup for:

Vp & Hp = 95h
Hn = 16h
Nx = 7Fh

Displayed junk.

Changed to this setup:

Vp & Hp = 95h
Hn = 13h
Nx = 9Fh

Still displays junk.
but I must have 22 characters.
Then you are doomed to failure. With 128 pixels screen width, and 6 pixel wide characters, you can get at most 21.333 characters on the screen. See attached pic (ignore the vertical stripes, the display has a defect).

To do that, your init settings should be:
Nx = 0x9F (treat as if it is 160 pixels wide)
Hp&Vp = 0x95 (as you have it now)
Hn = 0x1B (160 / 6 = 26.666, but Hn must be even, so Hn-1 = 27)

Take a look at my contributions to this thread, especially post #10, where the CFAH128128 is discovered to want to be treated like a CFAH160160.