CFAG12232D lcd drivers


New member
Hi, I'm a new first of all, and I downloaded the ccs project from @ this site:

I was wondering if anyone has tried this? Or something similar with the cfag12232d?

I can't seem to get the drivers to work. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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CF Tech

Lots of times, it is a wiring issue. Write a little test loop in your code that is only supposed to toggle one control line (E1, for isntance) then verify that only that line is toggling at the correct pin of the LCD. Repeat this for every pin. It should take less than an hour, and then you will know your wiring is right.

Check that Vo is set to about 0.5v for starters. Typically you would want a potentiometer to drive this pin.

Check your timing. If your chip is faster than the one that the library was developed on, you might need to tweak the delays.

Give these suggestions a try, let us know what happens.