CFAG-1286 4BYYHN flicker at high speed

Tim Hynde

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I am using a CFAG-1286 4BYYHN if I get much above 10 writes to the screen per second I start to get flicker, not fully understanding the specs is this to be expected? Is there some feature I am unaware of that may help with fast updates to the screen?

The program is written in a way that it selects only a certain portion of the screen to update, however the entire 64x64 panel flickers even pixels I have not updated.

Any thoughts?

Tim Hynde

-- update, problem solved was calling a clear screen between updates, guess I picked a bad week to quit methamphetamines...
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CF Tech

I am glad you got it working.

I was trying to think of all sorts of possible interactions, and not coming up with any good leads.

Good that the problem was easy to fix once you found it.