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I bought a CFAF320240F-T-TS to use it on my industrial system. So, I need a development kit able to work with my computer.
Is there one existing able to do that? or I need to develop my own?

Thank you very much
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Our development board for our TFT modules is currently, well, in development (oh, that was bad). It is based on our current CFA-10xxx series of development / demonstration boards we have for our OLED and KS0107/KS0108 based graphics modules.

To get you started, we have some very basic sample code for 16 bit 8080 and 4 wire SPI modes on the modules Files tab. The code was written for an Atmel micro-controller. I have attached a PDF document that has a table showing the connections necessary for 10 of the 11 interfaces that the CFAF320240F series supports. This should help you determine which micro-controller to use.

If you choose to go with an Atmel micro-controller as well, there are a couple of free applications that you can use for writing your code.



For connectivity, the 50 pin FPC mates with standard 0.5mm ZIF sockets such as:

HIROSE FH12-50S-0.5SH(55)


The touch panel FPC mates with 1mm pitch spaced ZIF sockets like the



The touch screen is an "Analog 4-wire" there is no controller on board.

The touch screen must be driven in one direction, then read in the other direction. TI makes a low-level part that
has the drivers and ADC built into one part. Some micros have analog
inputs that may work directly. There is a company <> that makes a high-level controller from a
pre-programmed PIC micro.

Basically you put a gradient across one set of electrodes (both set as digital outputs, drive one high and the
other low), then you look at either of the other set of electrodes (both set as
inputs, at least one analog). The analog input will pick up the voltage of the gradient at the contact point. To
read the other channel, you just rotate the whole process 90 degrees:

This description is just a conceptual outline, I am sure there are many other nuances to be addressed (references,
calibration, drift, non-contact,detecting "taps" and "double-taps").

Some information on the structur of a resistive touch screen:

Here is a bunch of book-marks on touchscreen controllers:

Software graphics driver library:>

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


John Morelli

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pinout for 4 wire touch screen connector


I can't seem to find the pinout for the 4-wire touch screen connector for the CFAF320240F-T-TS. Can you please post it or let me know where to find it?

Thank you,
John Morelli