CFAF320240F-T-TS Driver for PIC


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I already have a thread open, but feel that the problem that I was having before is a little different than what I'm having issues with now. I basically need a driver for my PIC to run my CFAF320240F-T-TS. I am using a PIC16F877A. I found a driver that was posted on this forum earlier and tried to tailor it to my PIC (the person using the driver was using a different one), but have had no luck. All I'm getting is a white screen. My capstone project is due next week on Monday and I've been struggling with getting this screen going for the past couple of weeks. Any help is appreciated. I've attached the driver that I'm using.

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I'm a little puzzled as to how this thread is different than your other one.

As I look more closely at your code compared to the sample files offered by CFA, I notice your comments refer to a SPFD5408B data sheet. The display you have uses a SSD2119 controller chip. Are you sure these behave identically?

I wonder why you didn't just use the CFA sample as the basis for your code. In any case I see one command missing from your code that may be the entire reason your display is not working... you don't ever turn on the internal oscillator:
	write_command(0x0000);    // start Oscillator
	write_data(0x0001);       // Page 36 of SSD2119 datasheet
I'd advise you to use the CFA list of init commands, since they are known to work. Your code issues commands that aren't even in the SSD2119 register table (0x50 and above).