CFAF320240F-T Interface


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I am using this LCD module CFAF320240F-T, which has multiple interfaces
I am using 16 bit 8080 type interface
But what to do with other pins Such as
SCL, SCA, SDO for serial interface.
DEN, HSYNC, VSYNC, DCLK for RGB Interface.

Can we use 16 bit 8080 type interface along with RGB interface.
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I am also trying to get this display to work :confused:. I'm trying to use 8-bit 8080 interface. All I can see is a white screen. There is already a ticket open for me.

I will see if this table can help me some. Thank you.



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The table's pretty helpful. Though when referring to the databits, it seems somewhat confusing. I am assuming that the x's mean that these should be hooked up to the respective output on the processor for the data, but I am curious as to which bit is the most significant bit and which is the least significant bit (i.e. on the parallel 8080 8-bit interface is DB17 the LSB or MSB?)