CFAF320240F 4-wire SPI read


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Hi everyone,

I am using the CFA320240F-035T-TS for my school project.
I decided to use the 4-wire SPI interface, but I can't figure out how to read data with the 4-wire SPI. I read the data sheet, it says I can read data with SPI, but it doesn't mention how to read. There is also a SDO(Serial Data Out) pin, but when I send signal through SDI, I don't get signal back at the SDO pin.

Does anyone know how to do 4-wire SPI read on CFA320240? Does it even possible?

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CF Support2


The SDO pin on the CFAF320240F family is basically "not connected" to the controller. In other words, you won't be able to read from the module. With SPI, you really don't need to read from the display since you are clocking in every bit.