CFAF240320X0-020T: how do IM[2:0] pins map to ST7789V controller?


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I'm qualifying the CFAF240320X0-020T for a product, and going through the various control interface options. There's some data in the datasheet, but most of it I need to go to the (embedded) ST7789V controller datasheet.

The biggest question is the interface mode. Problem: the ST7789V has four lines (IM3, IM2, IM1, IM0) to configure its interface mode, but the CFAF240320X0-020T only has three visible lines, omitting IM3. I tried to figure out whether IM3 was tied high or low, but looking at the available modes in the CFAF240320X0-020T doc I find evidence for both ways.

Question: how do the CFAF240320X0-020T's IM[2:0] pins map to the ST7789V's IM[3:0]?
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I have this display, but it is mounted to a CFA 10081 breakout board, so I can't see the back of the actual display module. Not sure that seeing the back of the LCD module would reveal any useful info anyway. It is part of a demo kit, connected to a Seeeduino cpu board.

I don't see any clues to answer your questions. The demo code uses the 4-wire SPI mode, and the way things are connected, it suggests that IM3 is hardwired low. But as you note, it is really ambiguous.

I think CFA doesn't monitor the forum very closely, so you might do better to send an email to with a link to this thread.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.