CFAF240320P-T peg coordinates


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I am looking for the exact coordinates of the pegs on the back side of the CFAF240320P-T.
The CAD files don't contain the back side, and the data sheet does not seem to contain that information either.

I want to add the part to the PCB layout library, so I need to know those coordinates and diameter, including tolerances and their relative position regarding the outer dimensions.

Can anyone provide that information?
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Thank you for letting us know that our drawing is missing some information.

We'll get the ball rolling to obtain that information for you.

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Thank you for your inquiry.

We appreciate the heads up on the missing information in the 2D CAD drawing we have available on the website, it is indeed not there and we will remedy this issue as soon as possible. However the information that you are looking for can be found in the datasheet for the CFAF240320P-T on page 16.

The drawing of the module may be a bit hard to make out in yellow but the attached image may help to clarify the issue. I encourage you to examine the datasheet for any further information you may need.

Thank you.



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Thanks for the response!

I did find the yellow drawing in the data sheet, but I find it hard to understand. Not because of its color:

Look at the RH peg, it says: "3-?1@.1" with @ being a foreign character. What does that mean?
Also, the dimensional arrows are not aligned properly: is the width "56.04@.1" the distance of the two pegs?
Also, somehow the markings are "off"

And is "2@.1" the distance from the top of the display to the peg? The line doesn't go through the peg but is almost below it.

That's what I mean by hard to understand - if the CAD file would contain that info, I can measure everything myself from within the CAD program. But the way it is, it's almost easier to measure the pegs by ruler...

Thanks for your efforts!