CFAF240320KTTS DB8 & DB9 Missing?


New member
In the datasheet it indicates that when using a 16 bit interface, you connect to pins DB1-8 and DB10-17, unfortunately there is no DB8 or DB9 listed on the connector pin out. Hopefully this is just a typo and we are supposed to use DB0-7 and DB10-17. What is the answer? Thanks
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CF Tech

My guess is that there is a typo in the table, and that the 9-bit and 18 bit are not supported:

It is just a guess though. Can you give it a shot and see if it works? If not, I can ask the person who took the photo how they powered it up on Monday.


CF Support


Good catch in the datasheet. We have corrected the text and it is now updated in the datasheet available from the website.