CFAF240320K-T-TS with 5v micro?


New member

I need to run my microcontroller @ 5v, can I use current limiting resistors for the parallel interface? I would like not to use voltage translators if possible.


Alan To
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I would not advise just a simple series resistor (for current limiting), as when there is no current flowing, there is no voltage drop. So a 5v output from your cpu will possibly turn on the input clamp diodes in the display controller input, but that is just asking for trouble and premature failure.

Voltage translators are the best solution. Bidirectional ones, if you need to read from the display.

Using a voltage divider on each signal is possible, but very clunky and will give you some RC delay that you would need to account for in signal timing. It also makes it impractical to read from the display, should you need to do so.