CFA735 family of Intelligent USB and Serial modules

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CFA735 family of intelligent modules product announcement
Crystalfontz America Inc. is proud to announce the release of the CFA735 family of intelligent modules. The CFA735 family represents the first of a new generation of our serial and USB interface modules as part of our continuous improvement process. Designed as a replacement for the CFA635 family of modules, the CFA735 family is a significant improvement in capability, capacity, flexibility and useability.

Highlights of the CFA735 family include:
  • The CFA735 is powered by a 32 bit STM32F® series ARM based Micro-controller
  • Wide temperature -20° to +70° operational range , and -30° to +80°C storage temperature range
  • Wider range of operating voltages
  • Support for 3.3v logic levels
  • In CFA635 Emulation Mode the CFA735 should work in CFA635 based applications without modification of the host software
  • USB interface utilizes an industry standard micro-B USB female header
  • Same physical dimensions and mounting points as the CFA635 family of modules
  • Supports the familiar 6 button keypad found on the CFA635 family
  • Supports USB and serial interfaces simultaneously
  • Improved backlight
  • CFA735 + FBSCAB can be used to replace an existing CFA635 + SCAB in most applications

The initial release of the CFA735 is CFA635 Emulation Mode. Our goal is to allow our customers that have integrated the CFA635 into their systems the ability to migrate to the CFA735 with the least amount of interruption.

For additional information, see Tech Bulletin #10376 CFA735 Product Announcement (and supporting doc):

and Tech Bulletin #10377 CFA635 to CFA735 Migration.
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