CFA635TMFKU1 Powerup Glitch


New member
Just started having a problem with the subject unit where, on powerup, instead of the default display, we see all the LED's on (various colors, static), and the main screen 'refreshing' madly with no data displayed (like a fast 'radar sweep'). It recovered once after about 10 seconds, but subsequently is not recovering.

Anybody seen this sort of behavior before, or have any suggestions on what might be causing it? Or are we dealing with a simple hardware failure? Could this sort of thing be related to power supply voltage or stability?

- Michael
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CF Tech

I have not ever seen any thing like that.

I assume this is a USB module. If you plug it into another computer, does it do the same thing?

If it does not freak out on another computer, then there might be some weird software going on on the first computer.

If it is weird on a second computer, then please write We will get you a new one and get that one back here to figure out what is wrong.