CFA635 startup issue / ground connection


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I'm encountring an issue using CFA635TFKKU. I'm using an USB connection.
It works fine when CFA635 is not integrated in our rack. Else, it takes about 16 seconds before it lights up.
In our design the ground is directly connected to the metallical parts of the rack. And when the CFA635 is integrated in the rack it is also connected to the electrical ground by the screws.
What is recommended for CFA635 integration ? Should we find a way to isolate it from ground so that the USB connection is the only one connected to ground ?
Thanks for your help.
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I have made progress to understand what's going on. This has nothing to do with ground connection. But I'm still interested in knowing what is recommended for integration.
For my issue, it is linked to the last batch of front panel we received. Before, the 5V/GND connection by USB was enough to light up the LCD display with the crystal fontz default screen. Now there's nothing at power up, the delay is due to our software startup time. The CFA635 is waiting for the driver initialization before it lights up.
Is this behaviour due to some evolutions of the hardware or the firmware ? Is there a way to get the same behaviour as before ?



This sounds like an issue previously reported by another customer. I will start a ticket with you in our support system. Please check the email associated with this account in a few minutes, you should see a new ticket.
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