CFA635 and WRPWRY25


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I'm trying to use my CFA635 to power up/down and reset my computer using the WRPWRY25 cable (no SCAB).

I am running the 635 off of an external +5 supply and I've opened J2. I've configured GPIO1 (\x22\x03\x01\x64\x02) GPIO2 (\x22\x03\x02\x64\x07(x05)) and GPIO3 (\x22\x03\x03\x64\x07(x05)).

This resulted in not being able to reset or power up the computer. Hooked up GPIO2 and GPIO3 to an o-scope and the output doesn't change (constant low) when I press the the check and X buttons. The output also doesn't change when I try to directly set the outputs (as I did in the configuration above).

Am I missing some configuration requirement? Should this be working? Any help would be.... well helpful.

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Never mind. I had to use command 28 to configure the switch functionality. Even though the manual says you need the SCAB for that command to work. :confused:
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When the documentation was written, we had not created the WRPWRY25. We will need to update that section to take the WRPWRY25 into account.