CFA634USB Installation


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Im currently trying to install a the 634 USB into my computer.
Im running Windows 2000 Adv Serv and I cannot get it to work.
There is no light in the lcd and in the device manager Im getting a Conflict Code 10.

I have the USB connected to my Abit KR7A-R as follows.

x (blk) x (wht) x
o o x (grn) (red)

When I first installed, it said unknown device and Windows could not start it.
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Hey, be sure that you have your drivers installed...
Download the software from this site, install drivers and go from there. Try plugging in your display, then right click on 'My Computer'. Go to 'Properties'. Then click on the 'Hardware' tab. Then click on 'Device Manager' then click the plus sign next to 'Ports' CrystalFontz blah blah blah should be there. Double click on it. Then click on the 'Drivers' tab and click update driver. Pick the 'advanced' tab and point it to the folder where you downloaded the software to. That should do it, and if you get a warning type thing from Windows, no worries, just tell it to continue anyway. Good luck and God bless. (note: this is for WindowsXP, I'm not sure if it's the same on other verstions)


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problem is that the Crystalfonts Thing is listed under USB devices, not Ports.....screen wont turn on and dont know if it is a driver issue....maybe I connected it wrong on my motherboard?

CF Support

My bet is you have D+ and - swapped. Change them around and it should work. You really should follow the pinout that your motherboard lists in your manual.
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