CFA634-YMC-KS Character display issue....


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I've finally added code into my Media application to output details of the currently playing media to the LCD display using my .NET LCD project and have been extensively testing it by running it for the last 15 hours playing through all my media.

I've just noticed it's started playing the album 'Hard House Nation [Disc 2]', but when displaying this album title on the LCD display it's being displayed as 'Hard House Nation ÄDisc 2Ñ'.

Given that the characters '[' and ']' are not part of the red entries in the CGROM table, but are in the blue section.... why's this happening?

[Note: I'm not sending the characters using the the Send Data Directly command]
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Well, the CGROM must not align with standard ASCII perfectly. If you look at the character mapper on windows, the square brackets are at 0x5B (Alt+'9'+'1' on the PC) and 0x5D, but in the CFA-634 CGROM they are at 0xFA (240 decimal) and 0xFB.

So you may need some translation for some characters.
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Oh, okay... thanks.

I'm guessing there's no knowledge anywhere of what the differences are - or if they are in some way uniform?

If not, I guess I'll have to write a quick function to chuck out the character set to the display in a page mode to work out which ones don't match.


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i have exactly the same display and exactly the same problem.

i use lcdproc, and the driver has an option "New Firmware", since my Display is 2.0 or rather 2.2 i enabled this option and there it was. [Artist] was displayed correctly

but still i have many issues. for example the german umlaute ÄÖÜ and some symbols like PLay and Pause (using XBMC).

INstead of the Arrows and Blocks it displays parts of the Crystalfontz logo, can be seen in the boot screen software.

I have a CFA634-YMC-KS-DPI022 Serial Display. It also says SKD204-634 v2.2
on its back.

i opened a thread in xbmc forum. but nobody answers^^