CFA634-YMC-KS appearance


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The picture of the CFA634-YMC-KS on your web page shows a black background behind green characters. The background on mine is nowhere near that dark; the best I can do after playing with the backlight and contrast for a looong time is bright green characters on a dimmer green background. Is that normal? Are the pictures here somewhat "optimistic", or could there be something wrong with my display?
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I noticed the same thing... I ordered it specifically because i'm placing it in a black case and thought it would look great. I too have messed with it for quite some time inside CF Boot Screen Beta and WinTest and ended up with the same results. :/
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We try to make our photos as close to "real life" as possible. For instance in this one:

you can see slightly lighter bars behind the text.

We will take a look at a current production unit and see if it is somehow varying from the photos on the web.