CFA634-USB Install Problem


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I'm using an IC7-G mobo and I'm not able to install my CFA634-USB for some reason. Here are the steps I've gone through:

1) Dload and install the latest drivers
2) Hook up the USB cable
3) When it popped up, I walked through the MSFT New Hardware Wizard (NHW) for the USB device
4) First problem: At the end of the (NHW), Windows reports, "A problem occured during the installation" and in Device Manager -> USB Controllers -> Crystalfontz CFA634-USB there is a bright yellow ! mark
5) Second problem: The serial port NHW never activates. I've tried to manually force it to find the port, but nothing.
6) I checked the pin-out to the motherboard (which was correct) and even tried a different set of USB pins. To confirm the pins on the mobo were working correctly, I used another USB device on them, without any problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you for the timely response.

I downloaded the LCD, removed the device from the device manager, forced a refresh and started to load the new drivers

Unfortunately the NHW bombs quickly with the following arcane bit of information:

"There was a problem installing this hardware CrystalFontz CFA634-USB The device cannot start (Code 10)."

With the other drivers (from the download page) the NHW appeared to complete and bombed after-the-fact.

Thanks for your time and patience,