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Your previous answer was:
The 633-TMC-KS LCD itself has the same MTBF, but the white LED backlight has a half-life of approximately 10k hours, reducing to 70% brightness, it's a consequence of the white phosphor used in the production of white LEDs.

My Questions are:
I'm using the CFA633-TMC-KS(blue screen).

1. If I do not use the backlight most of the time does it increase the MTBF value ?
2. If I use the backlight with a very small light does it increase the MTBF value ?
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The less you use the backlight, the longer the actual time elapsed is before you reach the ~10,000 hour half-life to 70% brightness. The MTBF has not changed, just the amount of time it took to reach that number of hours... i.e. 2 hours a day at 100%, rest of the day off == over 10 years until you get those hours accumulated to the half-life, you'll replace your computer long before then.

Lowering the brightness you use it at also helps improve the life of the phosphor.