CFA633 ATX Power Switch


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I've some problems with the CFA633 ATX power control:
I programmed the CFA633 to controll the power functionallity of the computer but this doesn't work.
the computer stays always turned on - even if I push the "power off" for a few seconds it turns off for 1 second an the the computer is booting up again.

When I read the firmware of the CFA633 the output looks like this: "CFA633:h1.3,b1.3".
In the whitpaper the output is specified as "CFA633:hX.X,fX.X".

Are this known problems?

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I don't think that this is a problem of the motherboard.
I've tried the same board with an older CFA633 I have (HW/FW Version: CFA633:h1.0,a0.7) and it works with no problem

CF Support

You may have the single power wire connected to the wrong pin of the two for the power switch. Have you tried swapping them?


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I've already tried to switch the connected pin. When I use the other one, I can't do anything - so this should be the right one.
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