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Heres the idea, I put a CFA631 in to a system (intel board), I don’t need the SCAB board... however i am looking for software to allow me to see what system is doing..

Name, uptime, IP address, however i also need to see some items like hard drive status (SMART) some system reported temps (intel boards have this data onboard), but i also have a RAID controller (Promise) which has access to a webpage to see status, is there a HTML GET plugin and parse to allow displaying of "some" of this data like the part on the page that says "status" or other info...

Along with this it would be nice if the display can show items like "booting..." and "logging in..." etc... which are Windows activities which i would guess (hope) be part of the WMI possibly...

Then a way for all the above info to very slowly cycle on the display once Windows has settled down (either logged in or not) (shows each item for 5 seconds) but when a button is pressed i can see something in more depth....

Hope you get the idea.... any ideas, i am sure theres software i just dont know where to start looking
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Most of the above can be done with the CrystalControl2 software.
See here:

CC2 starts up as a NT service, so becomes active about the same time as the Windows user login prompt dialog is displayed.
There is no software (i know of anyway) that will display information to the LCD during BIOS post & Windows startup.