CFA533 TMI KC I2C test code


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CFA533 TMI KC I2C test code for dsPIC30F4013

Improvement to code. Added Backlight for lcd and buttons. See Rev3...

dsPIC30F4013 from Microchip controlling the CFA533-TMI-KC Display/Keypad using I2C.

I posted this code for those that need some kind of example to start from. I was at a loss trying to find any examples for a PIC talking I2C to the CFA533 LCD display.

The example will print both lines with text and then print what key you pressed on line 2. The Up/Down keys control the LCD backlight and the Left/Right keys control the Buttons backlight.

Good Luck. Use this code any way you want and if you have any suggestions, please send them my way.
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