CFA-835 & CrystalControl2


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I just bought and installed CFA-835 module in my PC. I have installed CrystalControl2 software but can't figure out how to get it to communicate with the module. When I click on "Add New" button, that brings up "Select Module Type..." window, and in the list of modules I can't find 835. If I select "Crystalfontz 635" and then hit "Configure", I have an orange note in the tab "LCD module" telling me "CrystalControl2 is not currently running, or is not configured to use this LCD module. ..."

Is there any way to use CFA-835 module in Windows 7 with the CrystalControl2 software?
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CF Mark

At the moment CrystalControl2 cannot be used with the CFA835 due to differences in command protocol with the 635.
Check back later in the week. Hopefully we'll be able to add support for the CFA835 in the next few days.
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