CFA-735 - power host on/off using 'x' button - Layman's instructions needed


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I'm using a Mitac PD10BI miniITX motherboard (replacement for Intel DN2800MT). Here's the manual - see front panel main header pin-out on page 7. I also have the WRPWRY25 cable and I've downloaded 635 Wintest v1.0 which is working fine.

Here's what I've tried:
- Connect the WRPWRY25 as follows - green and black to motherboard power switch and ground respectively (pins 6 and 8 in above-linked manual). Purple to +5V DC (pin 9) - not sure if that's right? Yellow not connected (don't need reset).
- Connect the red power wire to a free molex power connector on the PC - Is this necessary?
- Followed the instructions here to configure the ATX power settings on the 735.
- Result - Buttons don't turn the PC on/off (don't do anything). On another Jetway motherboard I have, the green tick button works to switch the PC on but it powers off again 3-4 seconds after powering on (doesn't do this with a standard power switch when I connect it!).

Do I need to do something to tell the board "use the 'x' button for power"? Is it possible to use the 'x' instead of the green tick? Have I missed anything else?

I'm a computer programmer. I am not an electronics person so the CF manual is fairly confusing for me! I am ordering a large quantity of CF modules through Logic Supply in The Netherlands but would like to get this issue resolved first.

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Actually, it seems the 735 will power the Mitac PC OFF now when it's on but not back ON again from an off state. That all works with just the USB, black and green wires connected.

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For the CFA735 to function with as an ATX power switch (On / Off / Rest) we need to have the display set up and the WRPWRY25 connected.

Did you order your CFA735 set up for ATX? If not, you'll need to open jumper JP10 - this will prevent the display from back powering the USB subsystem.

The standard setting for ATX functionality using command 28 is with a bit mask of 240. 241 will get you auto-polartity.

For proper functionality, the WRPWRY25 needs all of it wires connected.

The +VSB and ground need to be connected to +5v source that is a "stand-by" voltage. Meaning, it's there when the system is plugged in, but powered off. This is necessary so the display has voltage to operate and to pulse the power line.

The +5v sense, the single red wire in the 4 pin connector, needs to be connected to a switched power source. One that is only on when the system is on. This necessary for the CFA735 to know if the system is on or off, and changes the functionality of the Enter (green check) key.

Some newer system boards have very sophisticated power management and it's sometimes not possible to use the USB header as the standby voltage. What happens is the BIOS "sees" something on the header pulling power and... powers up. You may need to pull standby voltage from the PSU itself .