CFA 635 TFEKS with startup problem


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Dear Sirs,
We use a CFA 635 V1.1 with 2 differents mother board (KONTRON and ADLINK), sometime the CFA 635 V1.1 fall in corruption (no backlight,keypad malfunction) and generate very strange signals waveforms on POWER CONTROL and RESET pin (respectively GPIO3 & 2).
We've connected theses signals to POWERBT and RESETBT of the motherboard.
In this case, the motherboard is stressed by power button over activity and floating reset (due to CFA 635), and sometimes doesn't boot at all.

Can you confirm that the CFA 635 V1.2 solve this malfunction?

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The lines from the PSoC on the CFA635 are GPIO lines. For the ATX functionality to work properly, they need to be configured.

Based on the information that you have provided, it does not look like the GPIO lines have been set properly. The GPIO is PWM'ing at 50%.

Command 28 is used to configure the module for ATX funtionality, and information can be found on page 69 of the module's datasheet. The standard configuration is command 28 with a data length of 1, and a data (bitmask) of 240 (decimal). A second data byte can be set if you want to specify the length of the power on / off pulse.

After sending the Command 28, you will need to save the boot state with a Command 4 (data length = 0).

The CFA635-TFE-KS can be ordered with the configuration directly as a CFA635-TFE-KS32, or via configuration options via our website:
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The fact is that CFA 635 V1.1 is partially deprogrammed, which generate GPIO malfunction.
Can you confirm that the CFA 635 V1.2 is more robust, and cannot be partially deprogrammed?
What are the improvements between hardware version V1.1 and V1.2?