CFA 635 power supply and display


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I use a microcontroler with linux embedded on a flash disk.
The CFA 635 is plugged on the usb connecter of my system.
After the switch on I have to wait for linux load usb services to show something on the screen.

Is there a solution to display a default customer message after the switch on and befor the linux boot?

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CF Tech

There are two delays in a typical PCs USB boot process. From the time the power switch is hit until the low-level USB driver allocates power to the USB display, and then another delay until the OS loads enough to get your application running.

If the screen lights up soon enough for you, then you can use 635_WinTest to set the screen, then store that screen as the boot state, using command 4 in the packet debugger.

If it takes too long to light up after the power supply comes on, that can be changed by using the SCAB or by requesting a custom cable, and setting some jumpers on the display. Then it will "light up" instantly.

CF Tech

Please write support(at]crystalfontz(dot]com (edit to '@' & '.') and we will get a semi-custom part number specified for you that includes the changes.
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